Aluminium Profile extrusion, and Aluminium powder coating

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Formwork System

As conventional wood or steel formwork system is impermeable (IMF), the migration within the mix ceases as the concrete/formwork system interface is reached. Visually, this may be observed on all concrete surfaces through the presence of blowholes following formwork removal.

This is a problem because the first line of defence of all structural elements against carbonation, chlorides, frost and abrasion, is the coverzone. It is therefore imperative this region is durable.

Engineered Formwork System. This formwork is built out of prefabricated modules with a metal frame (usually steel or aluminum) and covered on the application (concrete) side with material having the wanted surface structure (steel, aluminum, timber, etc.). The two major advantages of formwork system, compared to traditional timber formwork, are speed of construction and lower life-cycle costs (barring major force, the frame is almost indestructible, while the covering if made of wood; may have to be replaced after a few - or a few dozen - uses, but if the covering is made with steel or aluminum the form can achieve up to two thousand uses depending on care and the applications).

The formwork system is built on site out of timber and plywood or moisture-resistant particleboard. It is easy to produce but time-consuming for larger structures, and the plywood facing has a relatively short lifespan. It is still used extensively where the labor costs are lower than the costs for procuring re-usable formwork system. It is also the most flexible type of formwork system, so even where other systems are in use, complicated sections may use it.

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